Our maximum occupancy is strictly limited to 99 people (permitting limit of the Tasting Room).

Due to local noise ordinances, we require the reception to take place inside the Tasting Room while the ceremony and cocktail hour can be outdoors. There cannot be any outdoor music after 5PM.

Yes! Our banquet tables are on wheels. We will provide guided tours of the castle in between dinner and the dance start. Our on-site team will move a few tables at this time to open a dance floor (GOLD package). 

We do not allow tents at The Castle Vineyard. There should be adequate space and roof coverage for your party without impacting the aesthetics of The Castle Vineyard.

The bride and groom will make the decision 1 hour before the ceremony if we should move the ceremony indoors inside the tasting room. Our team can move the banquet tables outdoors and set up for your ceremony. Our team will assist with redecorating the banquet tables in between the ceremony and the reception start.

Everyone and everything must be out of the venue by 12:30 am excluding the maximum (12) overnight guests. All disposables (plates, cups, etc.) are the guest’s responsibility to remove at the conclusion of the event. Any decorations you bring into the venue must be removed from The Castle Vineyard by 10AM the next morning. The Castle Vineyard will mop the floors and put away all tables and chairs shortly after 10AM the next morning.

Due to local permitting, guests are not allowed to exceed the overnight guest count at any time.

Yes, all alcohol must be served by The Castle Vineyard. There are strict rules that must be followed for us to maintain our liquor license. Any alcohol brought in will be confiscated. We will reduce our beverage package if your group would like to have a dry wedding.

Most of our couples will do the rehearsal dinner off property at The Highland Lodge. We are happy to provide you with the length of the aisle and any other information about the ceremony site upon request. If you prefer to do a rehearsal on site, it must be within your stay and cannot exceed the normal occupancy of the castle (12).

Yes, we have parking on site and a golf cart to help anyone with mobility to get to the venue space.

We encourage all cars to be gone by the end of the 12 am rental time. If a car is left on site, we ask that it is moved by 9 am the next morning. Our priority is to get everyone home safely, so please plan accordingly with shuttles.

We do have a reduced event package for reception only. Please download our pricing guide for details.

We do have a reduced event package for ceremony only. Please download our pricing guide for details. No alcoholic beverages would be allowed on the premises during the ceremony.

Please note that all guests, excluding the 12 overnight guests, will have to leave the grounds at the conclusion of the ceremony. 

If the maximum occupancy does not exceed 12 guests at any given time, you may host your own wedding without any additional fees or services. The Castle Vineyard will not provide staffing.

We will approve one (1) pet of the bride and groom only to stay at The Castle Vineyard and be included in the ceremony. A pet fee of $200 applies.


1. A three (3) night minimum stay reservation at The Castle Vineyard. Pricing varies depending on the dates selected. Quotes can be found here.

–        50% due at the time of booking and 50% sixty (60) days prior to event.

2. The Event Fee is based on the package selected (GOLD, SILVER, ELOPMENT).

–        50% due at the time of booking and 50% ninety (90) days prior to event.

3. The Minimum Beverage Fee based on the package selected (GOLD, SILVER, ELOPMENT).

–        Full balance due twenty-eight (28) days prior to event.

The guests will have to first book The Castle Vineyard for a 3-night minimum stay. Any dates that are available for a guest reservation would also be available for an event. You can book the stay here


After booking the stay, email us at [email protected] with the following information:

–        Wedding Couples’ Full Names

–        Wedding Package (GOLD, SILVER, or ELOPEMENT)

–        Planned Event Date

–        Email

–        Phone Number


We will then e-mail you the contract and payment information, credit card only through your guest portal.


We allow 12 overnight guests at The Castle Vineyard property. We also own local vacation rentals in the area affiliated with our vacation rental business, Wisconsin Getaways, and will give a 10% off discount for any wedding booking at our other properties! Click here to book: Wisconsin Getaways Vacation Rentals

Yes, we can assist with shuttle services, transportation, and hotel accommodations.

Just 3 miles away, there is a 10-room lodge with a bar and commercial bar, perfect for a rehearsal dinner. Additionally, there are six other properties available in the area.

If you need shuttle services, it’s advisable to check with local transportation companies or ask the venue for their recommendations.